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Tommy Tang’s Culinary Tours Thru Amazing Thailand---------

“Riding elephants in the thick of the Rainforest, making offerings to a solid gold Buddah… Marveling at the Great Grand Palace… and Tommy Tangs cooking classes. I now understand why he is considered the King of Thai Cuisine!”
Annie Flanders, West Coast Editor,
Conde Nast International

The trip of a lifetime through Amazing Thailand with your own Private Translator, Tour Director and Culinary Wizard, PBS Celebrity Chef Tommy Tang……
And you are invited as his personal guest! Over 2 weeks divided among three exotic and distinct regions of the country and every night a big fluffy pillow in a luxury hotel awaits you. Everything is included in one amazingly low price… luxury hotels, ground transportation, meals, domestic airfare, sightseeing, taxes, gratuities, and more. Personalized cooking classes in each region by PBS’ most beloved and entertaining personality, like you’ve never experienced before!

(JOII-For each region, please find pictures of each: grand palace, elephant treks, floating market, something spiritual)
Welcome to Chiang Mai, the Northern mountain region of Thailand where the Hill Tribe people still live and dress as they did thousands of years ago. Visit the ancient hilltop Temple of Doi Sutep, learn about the renowned sausages and curries and the famous Northern Style Chicken. Stroll thru the local markets and Night Bazaar in search of the best bargains in Southeast Asia. Elephant trekking thru the Rainforest followed by a leisure lunch on your own river raft, Robinson Caruso style, will prove a most unforgettable experience.


An amazing blend of the old and the new. Experience Thai culture with beautiful presentations of their Art, Music, Theater, and of course, Thai Classical Dance. Feast your eyes on the architectural splendor of the ancient ruins and temples in the heart of Ayuthaya, the 2nd Capital of Thailand. Upon arriving, cruise Bangkok’s Klongs on a long tail boat and see the lifestyle of its local people. Visit the legendary Floating Market, where all kinds of goods imaginable are sold from boat to boat, just like in ancient times before there were roads. Behold the majesty and varied architectural styles of the Royal Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha for opulence beyond your wildest imagination. Cooking classes focus on the Art of Royal Cuisine, most adored by the Royal Family.

Thailand’s expansive pristine coastline snakes along the Gulf of Thailand, the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean, graced with some of the worlds most beautiful pure white sand beaches and unmatched crystal blue waters. Water sports galore from snorkeling and water boarding to diving… it’s all here with Thai massages on the beach afterwards awaiting you. We’ll learn the art of Southern Style Cuisine where prawns are larger than lobsters!

Serenity, Well Being, Inner Peace, Cuisine and Adventure with PBS Celebrity Chef Tommy Tang as your personal guide, this is truly the trip of a lifetime.
Tommy limits trips to 25 guests in order to maintain personal attention.
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